Your first grooming appointment here at Dog-a-holick

We call your first grooming appointment the "first date"  This is where we get to know your dog, and your dog gets to know us.  We take notes throughout the grooming process.  So this groom is the longest time-wise.  

For this first visit, we will require proof of your pet's rabies vaccination. This can be either paperwork, tag from the town, or Vet office.  This is a requirement from the State. 

If one of our clients has referred you, to us please tell us their name down, as they get something special for the referral.  

When you arrive we will ask you a series of health questions about your dog.   We will then ask about your lifestyle, and at-home maintenance (grooming). Please bring a photo of a past groom that you like.  

We will then have you leave while your pet is watching, as we find it is less stressful for them.  This is the hard part for you.  Once they know you have left the building they will just walk from the reception into the salon.  

Please make sure you take your dog to use the bathroom after parking your car; there is a clean-up station in front of our salon.  Please make sure your dog is on a leash.  We DO NOT ALLOW retractable leashes in our salon for safety issues.   

While your pet is in our care for the first appointment they will get to walk around the salon, smell, and get to know the place.  We do not let other dogs interact with your dog, as safety is our number one priority.    

When should you come and pick up your pet? We call 10-15 minutes before we are finished grooming your pet. We do not have the space to keep your dog all day. We will also call if we feel the dog is too stressed or cannot handle being groomed. After all, your pet's safety and happiness are our priority! 

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