Dog grooming really doesn't cost as much as you think.  If you really go into what dog grooming includes, your getting a great deal.  If we compare human services with dog grooming, you may see that it is not that expensive.  

Nail trim if you go and get a mani & pedi service it can cost anywhere from $45 and up

Ear cleaning you as a human need to go to a medical professional to get them cleaned.  Price depends on insurance.

Massage, we as dog groomers automatically give massages while bathing dogs.  This as a human can range from $60 and up

Hair cut for a male human this is not so expensive however, if you are a human female getting your hair done is not cheap; depending on what you have done.  $60 and up

We call it a sanitary trim or "potty area trim", for a human bikini wax for this can cost 

$65 and up.  

Blow out we as dog groomers do a full body blow out.  You as a human only require your hair to be blown out this can cost $35 and up. 

Brushing out hair, this for a human is automatic with your haircut.  However, if you have what my mom use to call a "rats nest" on your head.  I am sure you would be charged much more de-mating your head.  Most dog groomers charge a de-mat fee, as this very uncomfortable for your dog.

If you add up all the services you as human get it would be near the $200 - $300 range.  You as a human don't pee or poop on the service provider, bite, drool, kick, or scratch them.  If you did, you would not be welcomed back.  We as dog groomers just expect it, and go with the flow.  

So as you can see if you are paying less then $60 for a small dog groom, your getting a great deal.  With everything that is included in a groom.  But with these human service you usually don't get treats, hugs, or kisses from the provider.  :-)