When groomers first meet people.  They ask us what we do for a living, we tend to not want to tell you.  Why?  Because we have to hear how you don't need our services.  While inside our brains are screaming YES YOU DO! Plus it's not nice to hear from someone how, your line of work is not necessary.  When we spend over 5k-10k a year on education alone. Do you spend that in your line of work?  No I didn't think so. 

One thing we also hear a lot is my dog has short hair, and if he/she needed a groomer.  I would use you.  But I don't so...   Meanwhile I'm thinking your dog needs me more than you know.  Here is why.

At some point in your life or your dogs life you will need our services.  Even short haired dogs (yes short haired dogs).  

You will either become injured, become older (and can't lift); or your dog maybe become injured.  They are a senior pet that can't get into your tub. It is now winter, and spraying them down with a cold hose, in the driveway is no longer an option.  Now guess what you need a groomer.   

As a professional dog groomer we know how to train your dogs to go through the grooming process.  Grooming is LOUD.  Our dryer's that we use are so loud we need to wear hearing protection.  We want them in after their last round of puppy vaccines, so that we can set them up for success for the rest of their lives.  

It is harder for us to train a dog who is 12 years old, short haired, and who has never been to a groomer.  Now all of the sudden a very elderly dog needs to go through this loud process, because of an injury of the human or to them.  As a groomer who heart melts when I see a gray muzzle, and who is certified in senior dogs.  This just hurts my heart when a dog is old, scared, and who has never been to a groomer. When I know a dog who has been to a groomer all of it's live, who becomes older will love my services.  Will be okay when I groom him/her.   As they are use to it.  Plus since we as groomers see them more often than your vet does, we notice lumps, bumps, if they are getting arthritis, and so much more!

This why we recommend short haired dogs come in for baths at least 4 times a year (once a season).  Plus we as dog groomers can get more hair off of them, then you can at home (we know things).  We can make them soft, and shiny; we know about dog skin, coat, and what shampoo is best for your dog.   

So the next time you think to yourself my short haired dog doesn't need a groomer.  Think again.  Because they do.  It will make the health and well being of their 4 legged lives better.  Who doesn't want that?

Photo credit Can Stock