What is a puppy cut?  A puppy cut is a hair cut for Poodle's in the show dog world.  When a Poodle is a puppy being shown it will be cut in a "puppy cut".  

A lot of dog owners ask for a puppy cut.  This is not a "thing" in the grooming world unless you show dogs.  

What it means for you the pet owner is one length all over.  Which is why dog groomers ask you, what length?  Or they just have a length that they use for "puppy cuts".  So if you move around from groomer to groomer and you ask for puppy cut, you may not get the same hair cut, as all groomers have a different length for a puppy cut.  

The term puppy cut is also a term Vet's used in the 60's-until now to describe a hair cut.  Most owners would go to a Vet, and ask what kind of hair cut should I give my dog.  They would say "puppy cut".  Even now when you look up puppy cut, Vet's use the term.  

In the dog grooming industry it is not a thing, when you ask us for a puppy cut, your asking for a show dog hair cut for a poodle.  To be frank why would you ask your dog's Doctor what kind of hair cut they should have?  I don't ask my Doctor what kind of hair style I should have....

Photo credit Melissa Verplank