As a dog groomer I hear in the summer when it is hot.  His/her hair grows so fast!  They are so hot!  In the colder months I hear; his/her hair really isn't growing.  They are so cold.  

Here is a little grows at the same rate year round.  It is our perception of heat and cold, that affects our view on if our dogs need a hair cut or not.  The hair around the eyes, and rear ends grows out within 6 weeks year round.  

At Dog-a-holick we recommend all dogs stay on a 4-12 week schedule year round. We also recommend puffy jackets, and t-shirts over sweaters.  Sweaters are cute, but they cause mating.  Mating leads to a groomer taking your dog shorter in the winter, than you may want them to be.  We also recommend after wearing a jacket, coat, sweater, or t-shirt you comb out your dog. 

Remember water, and snow also cause mating.  

What's the big deal about mats?  Well, in the winter if your dog is mated and they play in the snow.  Mats take longer to dry, causing them to have a harder time keeping warm; mats also can cause a lot of skin issues if the skin stays damp.  This is why it is so important to comb your dog out when they come back inside after a play session.  It's to help regulate their body temperature in the winter, and summer time.  If your not the type of pet parent that likes to brush, or comb out your dog.  You can still do a shorter hair cut, and put that cute puffy coat on.  We hear at Dog-a-holick will always do a hair cut you can maintain at home.  

Photo credit Alt 103.7