I see a lot on community FB pages this question: Who does everyone recommend for a groomer?  It is fantastic when we get recommended! Believe me in the business world a good Google review is Gold!  

However, I often think when I see this question; this is not the question you should be asking. 

 You need to ask yourself what is best for me and my dog?

Here is what you as a pet parent need to consider when picking a groomer.

  1. Do you want a place that has one drop off time?  Because you work all day, and need to pick your dog up at the end of the day?  
  2. Do you want your dog to get groomed at the same place they have a daycare?
  3. Do you have a budget?  This is important because like hair salons not all dog groomers charge the same rate.  The cost of doing business varies from business to business.  Most salons raise prices once a year, to give employee's raises.
  4. Do you want a crate free place?
  5. Do you want your dog groomed straight through?  Meaning you drop off, and pick up when they are finished.
  6. Does the salon have safety protocols?  Like the 3 lines of defense?  Are they an AKC salon  safety certified salon?
  7. Are they Pet CPR and First aid trained?  Do they renew it every 2 years?
  8. Do you want a "spa" experience for your pet?
  9. Do want someone who grooms out of their home or that comes to you?
  10. Do you want someone who keeps up on their education?  Or do you want someone with years of experience who doesn't keep up on education?
  11. Do want a groomer who grooms at a Vet's office?
  12. Do you want a place that smells, and looks clean?
  13. Do you want to pay for upgrades? Or packages?  Or do you want everything included?  What do you want done to your dog while being groomed?  Ear cleaning, anal glands.....
  14. Is your dog have a bit of an attitude?  There are some groomers who specialize in aggressive dogs.  
  15. Is your dog a senior dog?  Are they certified in senior pets, can they handle a senior pet?
  16. Is your groomer moving away?  See who they recommend in the area. 

We know here at Dog-a-holick know that we are not for everyone, and we are okay with that.  As we want you to find a place you feel comfortable with.  You should always check out their website, and social media.  Look at the hair cuts, and also look in the background.  Does it look like a place you want to bring your pet every 6-8 weeks?  

Photo Credit Petsworld