It is that time of year where we start getting ready for winter.  Did you know your dog's coat is doing the same?  If your dog is double coated; Husky, Pomeranian, or Golden Retriever as examples, you may have noticed some more shedding around the house.  Your dog's coat is pushing out the summer coat, and bringing in the winter coat.  This is a great time to get your dog groomed as we, help get that undercoat out, and help them prepare for winter.  We recommend having these breeds groom at a minimum every 12 weeks (4 times a year). 

This is also the time of year we start hearing "Don't go to short", or " They need their coat for winter".  We are all for that however, remember that a longer coat means more at home maintenance for you.  Meaning you need to comb your dog everyday to keep that length.  We recommend combs not brushes, as brushes can go right over a mat with out you knowing.     

We will be adding more Pet stylist tips soon!